Anthony Stan

A multiple phases routine
Video with detailed instructions
Set of cards included and ready to use

€ 17,95


Anthony Stan presents you a new approach with MULTIPLE PHASES, and where you finish completely CLEAN.

The game is simple, spectator must find the winning card which is the different card (for example : 9 of spades).

Phase 1 : The spectator tries to find the winning card, but he is wrong.

Phase 2 : The winning card (9 of spades) becomes red. Now, the card has a red back and it’s easy to follow it.

Phase 3 : The spectator tries again but when the red card is revealed, it’s not the winning card (for example : it’s the 9 of hearts). The magician gives two other chances to the spectator but he is wrong. Then, the red card turns to blue once again.

Phase 4 : The magician puts one card (9 of hearts) in his pocket and keeps only two cards in his hands. But now, these cards are the « 9 of hearts » and the winning card is in the pocket.

Leave the cards to the spectator for examination.

  • 4 Killer phases - 2 handlings
  • Note : Cards included may have different faces to those shown in the trailer




Access to instructional videoin english or french

The video shows you in detail the different phases of the routine. You learn 2 handlings and how to build your own set.

An envelope with the set of cards

You will receive the set of cards ready to use. This allows you learn the routine with the cards in hands.

Email support 24/7

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This is cute, fun, and easy to do. The gimmicked card(s) do all the work for you, with minimal sleight-of-hand required. I tried this out on a few folks at my favorite local eatery (Joe’s Coffee Shop in Hanover, MA) and they were entertained, amused, and fooled.

Samuel Sandoz

David Oliver - Genii Magazine

The perfect packet trick with a classic theme and lots of new twists and turns making it very entertaining. Great value for money because this is a real worker.

Samuel Sandoz

Paul Romhany - Vanish Magazine

The fact that at the end, all 3 cards can be handed out for examination is a strong point in a 3 card monte effect.

Samuel Sandoz

Paul Romhany - Vanish Magazine

I like this product because it is a nice multi-phase monte routine that uses gimmicked cards, ends clean, and you could pretty easily create your own replacement gimmicked cards.

Samuel Sandoz

Doc Johnson - Reviewer

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Set of cards + Instructional video

€ 19,95

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€ 17,95

Secure Payment

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You need to build your gimmick
Email support 24/7


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