Anthony Stan

A devastating effect
50 minutes of detailed instructions
Bonus and special cards included

€ 22,95


From the mind of Anthony Stan all the way from France, The One 2.0 allows you to realize real miracles. With this method, you can switch a folded card in a cleanest and simplest way.

Imagine a folded card on the table (under a glass for example) or in the spectator’s hand. This card will not move until the revelation and will remain visible during the trick. A freely and signed card is lost in the deck. When the folded card is opened, the spectator sees that it’s exactly his signed card!!! It looks simply impossible.

You can realize this incredible effect at any time and with any deck of cards. You need only a deck of cards, no box and no envelope.

Nothing to add or to remove from the deck of cards, you are always ready !

Anthony teaches in detail how to realize this effect in an impromptu way or with a gimmick. Other applications are also explained (Any Number And Any Card, Transposition, Bonus, …). The method can be used with other objects : business card, paper with prediction, banknote, … .

  • A devastating effect which you can realize at any time and with only a deck of cards
  • The spectator can open the card himself
  • Multiple applications and bonus
  • Instantly reset - Easy to do




DVD : 45 minutes in english or french

The video shows you in detail how to use the special move to make multiple effects. You also learn the gimmick version. The One v1 and bonuses are included.

An envelope with special cards

You will receive special cards that you need for The One v1. Or you can use these cards to build your own gimmick for The One 2.0

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My favorite effect on the DVD has a spectator signing what he thinks is a red-backed card. After the switch, when the card is revealed to be blue, the spectator can’t figure out how his signature ended up on a card with a different colored back.

Samuel Sandoz

Rolando Santos -Linking Ring Magazine

It looks great and is a fooler.

Samuel Sandoz

Norman Beck - M-U-M Magazine

You will have something that can be done anytime and anywhere with any deck of cards.

Samuel Sandoz

Paul Romhany - Vanish Magazine

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DVD + Cards

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€ 22,95

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